Friday, January 30, 2009

Wow, Two+ Weeks Since I've Posted

Not sure why though. I've been a lot busier at work, so that probably has something to do with it. Or else I'm just being lazy. Hmm, I wonder which one it is?

Not too much to report poker related since my last post. My month has been super swingy. I was up, then I was way down, and now I'm back to even. I played quite a few hands of PLO last week, but I started to run bad. Then I moved back to 100NL, and tried to play 8-9 tables and ran like crap there too. I told myself that I was going to stay at 100NL until I won 10 buy-ins, but the first day of doing that sucked, so I said "screw it" and went back to 200NL. Since then I have done pretty good.

I played in the Mookie and other tournaments on Wednesday, and only cashed in one. I went out in 47th place in the $26 $28,000 guaranteed when my QQ couldn't beat AQ all-in PF for a top 10 chip stack.


My son, who is 3 years old, has three favorites things. The Cars movie and his Cars toys, Wall-E, and Kings of Leon.

I've been listening to the latest Kings of Leon album (which is really good), and my son is really getting into them too. His favorite song is track #1 titled "Closer". He calls it the "Rrrr Rrrr Rrrr" song. He is constantly asking me to play him the "Rrrr Rrrr Rrrr" song. At first, I didn't understand what he was asking for, but if you have heard the song, you know what I am talking about.

I also learned that song #2 is also one of his favorites when he started to sing it the other day. During the chorus, he'll sing right along with the words, "You better learn to crawl, you better learn to crawl, before I walk away, before I walk away".

I'll have to get a video of him listening and singing to King of Leon and put up here. It is really funny.


I've also been looking into upgrading my desktop. It is over 2.5 years old, and is starting to get a little slow. I've always had good luck with Dell, so I am leaning towards a XPS 630. I can get a refurbished one for around $800. I figure it will be a good investment and will improve my poker game (plus I can get the new Call of Duty game!)

I can't quite decide as to what video card I should get. The ATI Radeon 4850 or the Nvidia 9800 GT.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mook Win And Some Home Game Fun

Wednesday night was last night, so that meant Tournament Poker! Sadly, I only cahsed in one of the seven MTTs I played, but that one was The Mookie, and I won! That's like my 2nd or 3rd Mookie win. Woot!
Here is a short recap.

I won my first big pot during the first hour when I 3-bet TripJax with A9o. He called and the flop came Ace high. I decided to check figuring that not many hands continue that I beat. TripJax checked behind, and then the turn came a 9. Now I knew for sure that I was ahead, and I led out for half pot. He raised and we got it in and I doubled up against his AK.

I won another nice pot against MiamiDon when I limped with A5s and the flop was Q55. Earlier in the day, I read Ed Miller's latest article about playing pots on really dry, paired boards. Go check it out, it's really good.

Nothing much happened for the next hour or so until I doubled up through lucko. My JTo pwned his AK all-in PF. EZ game. I even got to knock out Hoy a few hands later with AT vs KJ.

Down to two tables, it wasn't long before getting into another all-in pot. This time it was 3 way action with AK vs AK vs AA all-in PF. Flop was King high, the turn gave me a flush draw, but alas, I did not suck out. Curse Ye Poker Gods!! Nothing too exciting after that. At the final table I just stole like crazy and then I won with JJ vs AT, knocked out Numbette with KQ vs QT on a Q high flop, etc... While 4 handed, I had a huge lead and never gave it up. Breeze81 played well during heads up play, but I finally won with Q8 vs J8 on an 8 high flop.


Last Saturday night, my wife and I headed over to OhCaptain's house for some home game fun in his Coed Invitational. I even unpacked my brand new Full Tilt Retro Bowling Shirt for the occasion. It was very fun and interesting, as I was seated right next to my wife. She had position on me and was looking forward to knocking me out. She thinks she can read me perfectly (she can) and be able to pick off all of my bluffs (I never bluff). She actually did pretty well for it being her 2nd time ever playing poker (with the first being about a year ago). She made a really good play with pocket Aces about an hour in. She was UTG and limped with pocket aces. A shorter stack in middle position went all-in, and I pushed myself from the BB with AQ. Obviously my wife called (I had her covered) with the aces, and they held up.

As we got to the final table (20 started, with 4 making the money), and my wife had a lot of chips. There were two other women, and the three of them were knocking us guys out left and right. Finally the bubble burst and the three ladies were the last ones standing (I went out in 4th, thank you very much). She eventually busted in 3rd place outlasting me and proving that she is the best poker player in our house. Hmmm, I think I am going to have to con her into playing a heads up freeze out to regain the title. How about a little Omaha Hi/Lo? Heh heh.

Here is a picture stolen from OhCaptain of the final six people. I'm on the far left and my wife right across from me.

Good times. I even got to meet Gentleman Jim as he drove up to OhCaptain's from Iowa!


As far as other poker goes, I'm doing ok. Nothing to great. I'm up a couple buy-ins while I clear the Full Tilt end of the year bonus. I actually moved down to 100NL for a little while and tried my hand at 8 tabling, but I'm back playing 200NL now.

Oh, and BTW, it was -24 degrees this morning when I woke up. That is NEGATIVE 24. Yikes, that's cold.