Friday, May 08, 2009

Swing Set!

Here's a quick picture of the swing set that built while out for paternity leave (Paid for by poker! Thanks Poker!)

The kids love it, especially the tire swing down below.

More running bad in poker. I played a 45 minute session this morning while up with Claranna. I think I played really well, and I could only spot where I made a mistake (which cost me about $30).

But I still lost for the session. Got it in with QQ vs KK all-in PF against a LAG (why do the lags always have it against me?). Then I lost another stack in the following hand:

I'm in the SB with JdTd. It folds to the LAG on the button who bets. I 3-bet (I usually never fold in this spot with JTs. I vary between calling and 3-betting). He calls. Flop is all 9d, 8d, 3d. Bingo Bango Bongo! Flop a flush with a Straight flush draw in a 3-bet pot! Woot!

I bet, he raises, we get it in........ He flips up Ad4d. Yep, he called a 3-bet with A4s, which happened to be the same suit as me, and we both flopped flushes in a 3-bet pot.

You can't run much worse than this folks.


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