Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I'm Sad. No More Tribeca in a Few Weeks

The fish pond which is Tribeca will no longer exist starting in March. I will really miss playing against the terrible players that donate their money over there. I wonder where all the really bad Irish players are going to play now?

February is going pretty good for me poker wise. I'm up a few hundred, so I can't complain about that. Here is a graph of how I've been doing so far

Just over 4300 hands, which isn't that much. Hands 500-1000 were especially brutal. I played on the first Saturday of February, and I flopped 4 sets, and lost every single one of them:
  • I re-raise PF with Jacks, and get one caller. Flop is Jack high with two hearts. We get it all in and he has KQ of hearts and hits his flush on the river
  • I call a raise with pocket 3's from the big blind. Flop has a three and also two spades. We get it all in and he has AT of spades. Spade on the river
  • All-in PF Aces vs Kings. I flop an Ace. He wins by going runner runner clubs and wins the pot.
  • I raise with pocket 9's against a major donk who calls every bet PF, and bets out on flop no matter what. Flop is 89T rainbow. We get it all-in and he had 7Jo.
What is amazing is that I have 10 outs each time to fill up for a boat, and that didn't happen once.


I got a chance to play some tournaments last night, and did pretty good. I double cashed in the Full Tilt Daily double tournaments. Doing this gets you a small percentage of the daily double prize pool, which netted an extra $40.

There were 900-1000 in each, and I placed around 70 in both. The blinds get so high so fast in FT tournaments, that I had to push with any reasonable hand with my M only around 3-4. I pushed T9s in one and rain into Queens. And then I pushed A5s and ran into Kings. I flopped an ace in that one, but the turn was a King.

I also went pretty deep in Full Tilts $3 rebuy tournament. But I didn't cash and went out about 10 places away from the money bubble. I had about 15 BBs in my stack, and found Pocket Aces in middle position. The big stack in the BB called really really fast. Flop was 954 rainbow. We get it in on the flop and he had 54o. Aces haven't been treating me well in the cash games too. A week or so ago I got it all-in PF with Aces against two half stacks. They had KK and QQ. King on the river. And then a few hands later on a different table, I get Aces against TT all-in PF, and he flops a set. Hurray.

I played in the 25K guaranteed too, but busted out pretty early. So in all of that excitement, and three hours worth of play, I profited $7. Then I fired up the cash games and won over $100 in half an hour. Figure that one out.


Thursday, February 01, 2007

January 2007 Results

I haven't done one of these results posts for a while, so I figured I'd start them up again. January was a profitable month. Though, it could have been a lot profitable. The swings were huge. Take a look at the monthly cash games graph.

Yuck! The month started off really bad, then I built my way up to +200. Then went all the way down to -850. Then did awesome and went back up to +550! Then dropped back to -300, and ended the month even. Yikes! So I had a -400 run, then +600, then -1050, then +1400, then -800, and ended the month on a +300 run.

Total Profit: $912.94

Total Bonuses Received: $500.00
  • BetUS(Tribeca): $500.00
Total Poker Profit: $412.94
  • PokerStars: -$48.17
  • FullTilt: $291.01
  • BetUS: $170.10
No Limit Ring Profit: $17.75
  • $50NL: -$15.23
  • $100NL: $782.82
  • $200NL: -$749.84
Multi Table Tournaments: $377.19

SNGs: $18.90

I think I'll stick with the 100NL more in the future. 200NL kicked my butt. I played more MTTs and SNGs this month than in months past, and I think doing this made playing poker a lot more fun. I'll still continue to do this in the future.

I'm going to break down the numbers a little bit more of the main games I played (PTBB/100 = Poker Tracker Big Blinds per 100 hands [ex. at 100NL, a PTBB = $2], VP$IP = Voluntarily put Money in the Pot, PFR% = Pre-Flop Raise percentage).

100NL Full Ring:
Total Hands: 484
Profit: +$364.23
PTBB/100: +37.6
VP$IP: 25.2%
PFR%: 11.8%

100NL 6 max:
Total Hands: 5712
Profit: +$438.34
PTBB/100: +3.84
VP$IP: 26.4%
PFR%: 13.9%

200NL 6 max:
Total Hands: 1372
Profit: -$740.84
PTBB/100: -13.5
VP$IP: 24.2%
PFR%: 12.2%

There you have it. A Profitable month. You can't complain too much about that.

Hopefully February starts off well.