Friday, November 10, 2006

Quick Update

I thought that I better post a quick update of my play since Saturday when I made my most recent blog post complaining about my lack of cards.

Prior to Sunday, I had been pretty card dead for the last week or so. Adding to the frustration of getting crappy cards was the the fact that I was up against some truly horrible players over at Tribeca. And I couldn't take advantage of that since I wasn't getting too many playable hands.

But since Sunday, my cards have improved to the point where I am statistically getting the pocket pairs and sets I should be seeing. I have played 1625 hands, and I have seen 92 pocket pairs. Of those PP, I have seen the flop 69 times. Of those 69 times, I have flopped 7 sets. A little below average, but good none the less. Unfortunately I haven't won any huge pots with those 7 sets. I think I have gone to showdown only once with those, and that was with pocket Kings on a K6789 board (He had A8).

The good news is that I winning. Since Sunday, I am up $900! I have played 900 hands at 100NL, and am at 14.3 PTBB/100. And I have played 725 hands at 200NL and am at 22.1 PTBB/100! I am now up above 13 G's.

But you know what? It could easily be higher (but I'm not complaining!). The play over at Tribeca is so terrible, there have been quite a few 2-5 outers that have hit me on the river. You wouldn't believe the number of players that I have come across that have VP$IP's of greater than 60%. Heck, there are a couple greater than 90%! My buddy list is definitely long right now.

I'll post some example hands from my play at Tribeca in the next couple days.


Friday, November 03, 2006

What Happened To My Cards?

For a day or two this past weekend, I thought that the sh!t end of variance for me was finished, and I was starting to see some decent cards. Of course is was all a mirage, and the last few days have been the same old thing.

I haven't played too much, so there aren't many hands to go off of, but I am going to vent anyways. Since Oct 31, I have played 650 hands (most at 6 max 100NL, the rest at 6 max 200NL). In those 650 hands I have seen AA zero times. KK twice, QQ four times, JJ once, TT twice. I have seen a total of 30 Pocket pairs (which is below average). I have seen 24 flops with those 30 Pocket Pairs. I have flopped one set. One. Also in those 650 hands, I have seen AK and AQ only five times each (once each suited only).

What have I been getting? Q9(15 times), J3(13), 94(13), 52(13), T8(12), K7(11), 73(11), 83(11). Pretty awesome, huh?

So what are my results in the last 650 hands? I'm up $10. Yipee. The play over at Tribeca is truly awful. But I'm not getting any good cards to take advantage of that. Check out a couple of these hands from this morning:

I'm in the SB with AQo. UTG and MP limp for $1. The button raises to $4. I re-raise to $15. The BB cold calls!! (He only has a half stack, $50). Everyone else folds. Flop is Ks, Qc, 9s. I have no idea what he could cold call with. So I decide to lead out 2/3 size bet, and he raises all-in. I obviously call, since it isn't much more to call. What did he cold call a $15 re-raise Pref-flop? KTo.

I'm UTG with 99. I make my standard raise to $4. The BB calls (He has me covered). Flop is 5h, 6c, 7c. Yuck. He checks and I bet $7 and he calls. I put him on a draw. Probably two clubs. Turn is a blank (2d). He checks again, and I bet $16 in the $25 pot and again he calls. River is the 6s. He checks again. I decide to check behind because the only hand that calls a bet here is one that beats me. What does he have? KK. Ummm, ok.

I'm on the button with QT. There is one limper and I make a standard raise. The BB and the Limper both call. Flop is Ah, Qc, 7s rainbow. They both check, so I make a standard 3/4 pot continuation bet representing an Ace (When I only have mid pair). The BB calls. There is about $30 in the pot now. The turn is the 2s. He checks, and I check behind. The river is the 6s. He bets $8 into the $30 pot. I decide to call, cause whatever he has, he played it really bad, and I want to see what he has. He flips over T9 of spades for the runner-runner flush.

He called a $9 bet with T9s on a flop of Ah, Qc, 7s rainbow. I don't get it? Sure, some people will float, but when you float, you usually bet somewhere along the line. I don't get it. I was 92% to win that one after the flop.

Well, hopefully things will turn around soon (How many times have I said that?)


Saturday Edit.

340 hands. 18 pocket pairs. 14 saw a flop. 0 sets.


Another Saturday Edit.

Total hands so far for Saturday: 500. 25 pocket pairs. 20 saw a flop. I now have one flopped set!! Oh, but I lost set over set. I called a raise from the SB with 33. Flopped my set. We got it all in on the turn. He had flopped a higher set.

I'm on a roll!