Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Down, then Up

Since my last post, I went on a slight downswing. I think it was combination of being card dead, and overplaying some of my hands. I've found that one of my big leaks is when I have a decent hand myself, I have a really hard time folding, even though my opponent is giving me all the signs that they have me beat.

I've still been playing the majority of my hands at 200NL. I think I have a pretty feeling for this level now and will continue to play most of my hands here. I've scaled back the multi-tabling, only playing 4 at a time now. Once I get above 4 or 5, I start to get less efficient.

Here is the graph for the month so far. Quite a big dip there in the middle, but I had a couple really good sessions earlier this week.

I'm not sure if I mentioned this here or not, but I passed the $20,000 profit mark in the last month. I've been playing online poker for two years now, and am averaging 10 G's a year. Not bad for a casual poker player, right?


One of my poker nicknames is "TheGardener". My other big hobby during the summer months is maintaining a fairly large garden at my in-laws farm. Here are a few pictures of it back on the last day of June.

I planted potatoes (red and russet), Sweet corn (4 rows total), Cucumbers, Onions (red, yellow, and white), lettuce, carrots, sweat peas, cantaloupe, yellow summer squash, zucchini, String Beans (Yellow and Green), Peppers, and lots of tomatoes.

I'd show you a picture of how it looks now, but the weeds are starting to take over. It still looks good despite of that, and despite the lack of rain we've had the last month.


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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

July kicks butt

Doing good so far this month. I'm going to be making the trek up to 200NL now. I'll start off with 2-3 table of 200NL, with a couple fishy 100NL tables to go with that. Hopefully there are still plenty of donks at 200NL for me to take their monies :P

July so far:

Wish me luck

Monday, July 02, 2007

June Results

I turned it on the last two days of June, and ended up just shy of the $1000 profit mark for the month (including rakeback). Friday I won $350, and Saturday I won $160. Nice!

NL Cash Games: +834.35
  • 50NL 6 max: $55.15 -- 36 hands
  • 100NL full: $40.00 -- 20 hands
  • 100NL 6 max: $355.85 -- 12,100 hands
  • 200NL 6 max: $383.35 -- 350 hands
Tournaments: -$181.85

For 100NL 6 max, I won 2.94 BBs/100. Definitely worse than last month. I played more 200NL when the games were juicy, and my results were good. I'll start throwing in more of those tables when I find some donks up there.

I did some of my datamining at 200NL this past month, so I only have 5000 hands or more on 35 people. The best BB/100's were:
  • 24.5 (5488 hands)
  • 21.05 (7155 hands)
  • 19.96 (5069 hands)
  • 18.64 (10953 hands)
The worst BB/100 were:
  • -15.62 (5460 hands)
  • -10.73 (5653 hands)
  • -9.43 (15897 hands)
My VP$IP / PFR% this past month was 21.2/14.0 (Compared with 20.6/13.0 in May). According to PokerTracker, I put in about 38 hours at the tables for June. That computes to about $26 an hour.


July has started off in wild fashion. This morning I went from $100 up, to $150 down, and finished the morning at $170 up. Wow! I found a super donk running at 60/35 and got position on him at both tables. With a player like that, you are going to see a lot more variance. The big hand was me winning a 400 BB pot with 33 on a 358 board. He had 53 offsuit and we got it all in on the flop. He didn't hit his two outer, and I raked in a monster pot.


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