Monday, September 20, 2010

Woe is me

I just wanted to put up a woe is me sympathy post and show you all how I have been running this month.

The first one is my total stats for the month. Obviously I should probably stay at 50NL. Ain't nothing like running 10+ buy-ins below EV at 100NL in 5300 hands, huh?

This next one is all of my hands where I've gotten all-in PF with any pocket pair. Awesome!

This one are all of my sets at 100NL. Ooooo, wow! A whole 5 BB per hand with sets. Only 4 of these 21 hands saw a showdown. And 3 of them were set over sets!! Ahhhh HAHAHAHA!

And finally, here are my all-in PF hands (all hands) for 100NL. Sweet!

Someone tell me why I started playing poker again?

Friday, September 17, 2010

The PokerFool is back playing poker!

Yes Yes, it is true. After about a whole year (!!!!) of not playing much poker, I've gotten back into it. I'm having fun, I'm more relaxed, and most importantly I am playing good poker. The first couple weeks back I was playing a little wild, but I've tightened up some, and that has led me to play a lot better.

Granted, I am playing at lower limits that what I was playing last year. I started off playing mainly $0.25/0.50 6 max rush poker. Moved up to $0.50/1.00 rush poker for a while (and got smacked by the run bad running way way under EV), then moved back to $0.25/0.50.

I'm also playing the $0.50/1.00 NL 6 max games at PokerStars, and have made silver star already. I would have to say right now that the play at PokerStars is a lot worse than at Full Tilt. Probably due to a lot more Euro donks at Stars.

I also started playing tournaments again, and having fun with them. In the past year or so, I would have rather jabbed a pencil through my eye than play MTTs, but I've played them two nights now, and have had fun. Capped off with a nice 4th place finish in a Ultimate Bet $25 tournament that won me $775. I should have gone on to win the whole thing, but had a massive suckout to knock me out.

(What? no bad beat stories you say? Hey, I've posted twice in the past year. I'm due)

So there are 4 left, I'm the short stack, but I still have about 20BBs (stacks ranged from 20BBs to about 35BBs). I'm in the Big Blind with AKs. UTG raises it to about 2.2 BBs, and everyone calls. So I shove. It folds back to the button, and after timing down, he finally calls with A9s. (huh?) Flop comes King high and rainbow. Sweet! Bzzzt! wrong! Runner Runner flush gives him the win, and instead of the chip lead, and the inside track to the $2500 for first place, I'm knocked out in 4th.

I can't wait until the run bad stops.

I'll try and post some more for my one or two readers. If you read this, post a comment and say "hi" so I know if anyone is out there. Oh, and link me up! Tell em the PokerFool is back!