Thursday, December 29, 2005

I'm back

I finally finished transferring all of my old posts at over to here. If you haven't read any of my old posts yet, go back and start at the beginning.

December hasn't been the greatest poker month. I will have my December results up soon. My bad run at the end of November continued most of December. I was doing awesome at SNGs, but during my bad streak, I couldn't do anything right. Around Dec 20th or so, I was down probably around $300 from poker playing. I've actually moved down in limits some. I am not playing that many $15 and $20 SNGs anymore. I've gone back to the $6 Turbos, and $5 & $10 regular SNGs. The bonuses I have received have been more than that, so my bankroll is still growing. Just not that much.

So the weekend before Christmas, I said to myself, that if I didn't do good in my next set of SNGs, I was going to take a poker break for a couple days, re-read Harrington on Hold 'em, and then, maybe my bad run of cards would be over. Well that night, while feeding my son, I played in three SNGs, and took 1st in one, and 2nd in the other two!

Since then, I have had 4 or 5 days in a row where I have made money! I'm still down around $150 playing poker for the month, but I am finally going in the right direction.

I am really close to clearing the $100 bonus at Stars, and am almost done with another $100 bonus at Party Poker. By the time I complete those, my bonus money for the month of December will easily be over $500!

And to top all this off, I hit my first Royal Flush this morning! And I got some money out the dude who in the pot against me! It was folded around to me in middle position (Party Poker NL $25), and I had [Js] [Ts] and I raised it up and got one caller. The [As] and the [Qs ]came on the flop. I bet half pot, he called. Turn was a blank. I bet half pot again, and he called. River was the beautiful [Ks]. I bet half pot again, and he called! So I even got to showdown my Royal!


Thursday, December 08, 2005

Welcome to "A Fool and his $100 - A Poker Blog"

Greetings! Welcome to my poker blog.

Oh great! Another Poker Blog!

I guess I should first inform you why I am doing this poker blog. Well, I have been writing about my adventures as a low-limit poker player for the last couple months. I had a poker journal over at the awesome website, Unfortunately, I came into work this week, and bet-the-pot was now on the restricted list. I could not surf there anymore. There are still ways for me to view the content and messages there, but I can no longer post messages of my own. Damn you work firewall!!!

So I decided to continue my poker adventures over here.

I'll try and get my old posts from bet-the-pot over to here so you can read about my poker career up to this point.

If this is your first time at this blog, go back and start with my first post on September 13.


Thursday, December 01, 2005

November Report

Well, its time for my November report. I kept detailed records of everything.

Total Profit for November: $465.31

Total Bonus $: $290.00

- PokerStars Reload Bonus: $75.00
- BoDog 10% Bonus: $65.00
- Absolute 20% Reload: $120.00
- Sportingbet Intial: $30.00

Total Profit From playing Poker: $175.31

-.05/.10 NL Hold 'em: $48.31
-.10/.25 NL Hold 'em: $79.81
-.25/.50 NL Hold 'em: $30.22

-.25/.50 Limit Hold 'em: $1.30
-.50/1.00 Limit Hold 'em: -$84.40
- 1.00/2.00 Limit Hold 'em: -$52.50

- Omaha: -$14.03

- 5.00 + .50 SNG: -$12.00 (4 Total Played)
- 6.00+.50 T SNG: -$23.00 (16 Total Played
- 10.00 + 1.00 SNG: $56.00 (12 Total Played)
- 15.00 + 1.00 T SNG: $150.50 (64 Total Played)
- 20.00 + 2.00 SNG: $78.00 ( 3 Total Played)
- MTT: -$83.00

So, I do ok at No Limit and SNGs. Suck at Limit and MTT. The Only MTT I've only cashed in still are Freerolls where the prizes are FPPs at Stars.

From Nov 1 - Nov19, my poker only profit was $426.00
The next 8 days (Nov 20 - Nov 27) I lost $275.00
That week killed me.

Bankroll is at $1168.00 (Plus I have like $80 over at Bet365, but I'm not really counting that money as part of my bankroll)

My Pending Bonuses are PokerStars for $100 (I'm 40% of the way done with that one) and I have $70 left to clear at Sportingbet. I should be really close to the 500 raked hands needed for that.

My next stop will be PartyPoker. I am signing up through for some rakeback, so this will be my first rakeback site. Plus, They have a 20% intial bonus (so $100) that I will be able to do.