Friday, November 10, 2006

Quick Update

I thought that I better post a quick update of my play since Saturday when I made my most recent blog post complaining about my lack of cards.

Prior to Sunday, I had been pretty card dead for the last week or so. Adding to the frustration of getting crappy cards was the the fact that I was up against some truly horrible players over at Tribeca. And I couldn't take advantage of that since I wasn't getting too many playable hands.

But since Sunday, my cards have improved to the point where I am statistically getting the pocket pairs and sets I should be seeing. I have played 1625 hands, and I have seen 92 pocket pairs. Of those PP, I have seen the flop 69 times. Of those 69 times, I have flopped 7 sets. A little below average, but good none the less. Unfortunately I haven't won any huge pots with those 7 sets. I think I have gone to showdown only once with those, and that was with pocket Kings on a K6789 board (He had A8).

The good news is that I winning. Since Sunday, I am up $900! I have played 900 hands at 100NL, and am at 14.3 PTBB/100. And I have played 725 hands at 200NL and am at 22.1 PTBB/100! I am now up above 13 G's.

But you know what? It could easily be higher (but I'm not complaining!). The play over at Tribeca is so terrible, there have been quite a few 2-5 outers that have hit me on the river. You wouldn't believe the number of players that I have come across that have VP$IP's of greater than 60%. Heck, there are a couple greater than 90%! My buddy list is definitely long right now.

I'll post some example hands from my play at Tribeca in the next couple days.



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