Friday, November 03, 2006

What Happened To My Cards?

For a day or two this past weekend, I thought that the sh!t end of variance for me was finished, and I was starting to see some decent cards. Of course is was all a mirage, and the last few days have been the same old thing.

I haven't played too much, so there aren't many hands to go off of, but I am going to vent anyways. Since Oct 31, I have played 650 hands (most at 6 max 100NL, the rest at 6 max 200NL). In those 650 hands I have seen AA zero times. KK twice, QQ four times, JJ once, TT twice. I have seen a total of 30 Pocket pairs (which is below average). I have seen 24 flops with those 30 Pocket Pairs. I have flopped one set. One. Also in those 650 hands, I have seen AK and AQ only five times each (once each suited only).

What have I been getting? Q9(15 times), J3(13), 94(13), 52(13), T8(12), K7(11), 73(11), 83(11). Pretty awesome, huh?

So what are my results in the last 650 hands? I'm up $10. Yipee. The play over at Tribeca is truly awful. But I'm not getting any good cards to take advantage of that. Check out a couple of these hands from this morning:

I'm in the SB with AQo. UTG and MP limp for $1. The button raises to $4. I re-raise to $15. The BB cold calls!! (He only has a half stack, $50). Everyone else folds. Flop is Ks, Qc, 9s. I have no idea what he could cold call with. So I decide to lead out 2/3 size bet, and he raises all-in. I obviously call, since it isn't much more to call. What did he cold call a $15 re-raise Pref-flop? KTo.

I'm UTG with 99. I make my standard raise to $4. The BB calls (He has me covered). Flop is 5h, 6c, 7c. Yuck. He checks and I bet $7 and he calls. I put him on a draw. Probably two clubs. Turn is a blank (2d). He checks again, and I bet $16 in the $25 pot and again he calls. River is the 6s. He checks again. I decide to check behind because the only hand that calls a bet here is one that beats me. What does he have? KK. Ummm, ok.

I'm on the button with QT. There is one limper and I make a standard raise. The BB and the Limper both call. Flop is Ah, Qc, 7s rainbow. They both check, so I make a standard 3/4 pot continuation bet representing an Ace (When I only have mid pair). The BB calls. There is about $30 in the pot now. The turn is the 2s. He checks, and I check behind. The river is the 6s. He bets $8 into the $30 pot. I decide to call, cause whatever he has, he played it really bad, and I want to see what he has. He flips over T9 of spades for the runner-runner flush.

He called a $9 bet with T9s on a flop of Ah, Qc, 7s rainbow. I don't get it? Sure, some people will float, but when you float, you usually bet somewhere along the line. I don't get it. I was 92% to win that one after the flop.

Well, hopefully things will turn around soon (How many times have I said that?)


Saturday Edit.

340 hands. 18 pocket pairs. 14 saw a flop. 0 sets.


Another Saturday Edit.

Total hands so far for Saturday: 500. 25 pocket pairs. 20 saw a flop. I now have one flopped set!! Oh, but I lost set over set. I called a raise from the SB with 33. Flopped my set. We got it all in on the turn. He had flopped a higher set.

I'm on a roll!


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