Thursday, October 06, 2005

Working on Paradise Bonus

Greetings faithful readers.

Not much on the poker front to report. I am still trying to complete the bonus over at Paradise. I have about 250 more hands to go to clear it. I'm playing about even poker, but would have made a nice profit if it wasn't for me trying to play some Omaha. I'm killing the .50/1.00 limit hold 'em games there, but I just give it right back on the $50 PLO8 and $50 PLO tables. I have quit playing that game, especially at that limit.

I've played in three BoDog $5 SNGs that last couple days, and haven't placed in the money yet on those.

This morning, with about 5 or 6 people left, I get KK in the BB. The big stack (he has 4 times as much as me, and twice as much as anyone else) limps in, SB completes, I raise it up to 3X BB (30/60 blinds). Big Stack calls. Flop comes x,5,5. I bet 3/4 pot. He calls. turn is a 9. I bet half pot. He calls again. River is a blank. I bet half pot, he re-raises to put me all in. He turns over the all powerfull 95 sooted! for a full house. Holy crap. I asked him if he works for BoDog. He didn't respond.


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