Friday, September 23, 2005

Bet365 Bonus Cleared

I had a pretty good night last night. I finished up my bonus requirement at bet365. I even managed to make some money in the process. Up about $7 there while clearing the bonus. I e-mailed bet365 last night to get my bonus credited. I haven't heard back yet. Does this usually take along time? I'm looking forward to seeing how much I'll get in bonus money from them.

I also finished 2nd in a $5 SNG at PokerStars last night. I played really tight in the beginning, and I was the short stack with 6 people left. I got lucky and beat 99 with 88 to take me back to around starting chip amount. I then proceeded to turn up the aggression and started stealing lots of blinds. I was stealing at least 1.5 times an orbit. Plus I started getting some cards. Got QQ two hands in a row, the 2nd time busting out the 4th place person. It got to heads up and I had a pretty good chip lead (Probably 2 to 1 lead) when this hand came up.

I'm dealt [Ah] [2h] . I raise 3x BB, he re-raises all-in (only about 1500 more chips for me) so I call. He shows [6c] [6d]. Flop comes with an ace and two hearts's. Turn is a blank. He's down to one out. The [6s]. the [6h] will give me a flush. Guess what comes on the river.

I lose a coinflip later on to bust me in 2nd place.



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