Wednesday, September 28, 2005

BoDog SNGs

I played some decent poker last night. I played in a $5 SNG at BoDog. My first one there. Not much to say about that. I went out in 5th place.

My bankroll there was starting to dwindle, and was around $50. So basically I was playing with the bonus money I got from there. So I decided to try my hand at a $10 SNG. I got a great run of cards ( Got AA three times), and wound up winning the thing. Profit of $40. My first $10 SNG, and I win. How 'bout that.

So I got my bankroll right back to even at BoDog with around $100. Got it up to around $110 or so playing ring NL.

Then this morning I played a couple SNGs. The first, a $5, I went out in 9th (out of 10) place. During Level I, I found Pocket Qs UTG+1. I raised it to 5x the BB. Got 4 callers! Flop comes all low cards (2, 4, 9). I bet pot. Get one caller. Turn is another low card, so I push and get called by Pocket 4s. I go home now.

I then played in one of BoDogs Turbo $6 SNGs. I played tight early, built my stack to around even with 5 to go. With 4 left, and the blinds huge, I find AA in the Small blind. I push and the BB calls with JQs. Two Qs come on the flop, and I go home now. Argggg.

Sitting at around $85 at BoDog, with about 50 more bonus points to go before I can withdraw the bonus.


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