Monday, October 03, 2005

Best Poker Day Ever

I had my best day of poker ever on Saturday.

I started my session with around $65 in my BoDog account, and ended the day at almost $200! I made a good $130 bucks!

I started out the night by joining a $7 , guarenteed $3000 MTT. First hand I flop the nut flush and eliminate a player who was betting into me. SO I am the chip leader after a few hands. I then wnet a few orbits without getting anything good, and proceeded to donk away my chips on two hands. I played really bad. With a full house on the board, I took my opponents (who I had covered) bet to mean a bluff. Nope, he had the 4th card for quads. Doh! I shoulda just let that hand go PF. I then pickup AQ and make a 4x BB raise. The table chip leader calls. I hit TPTK, with two clubs on the board. I bet pot and get called. turn is the 3rd club. I bet the rest of my chips, and he turns over KT of clubs to eliminate me. Out in 221st place out of around 380.

I then played a few SNGs. I played three $5 SNGs, took 1st place in two of them, 5th in the other. Then I played a $10 and won that one too. A nice $72.50 profit from those.

And I was also playing some PL Omaha HL. Very very loose play there. I scooped a huge $60 pot. With one card to go, I had a draw for the nut high and the nut low. I needed a heart for the nut high, and any card from 4-7 for the nut low. The [4h] comes and I scoop the largest pot I've ever been a part of. That felt pretty good.

And I also played pretty good at the .50/1.00 limit tables.

And while doing that I cleared the BoDog bonus, so I can withdraw anytime now. But, I think I'll keep money there cause I like their SNGs

My SNG stats for BoDog are:
  • Total Played: 9 (six $5, one $6, two $10)
  • 1st place: 4
  • 2nd place: 0
  • 3rd place: 0
  • 4th place: 1
  • 5th place: 3
  • 9th place: 1
  • Total wagered: $61.50
  • Total won: $200.00
  • ITM%: 44.4%
  • Profit: $138.50
  • ROI: 225%

I'm in the process of finding the next site to grab a bonus from. I've done bet365, CrazyPoker, and BoDog.

Bankroll sitting just above $400


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