Thursday, September 29, 2005

CrazyPoker and BoDog

I withdrew my money at bet365. I ended up losing $20, but gaining $100 in bonus, for a profit of $80.

I then deposited $100 at crazypoker. I made about $35, plus a nice bonus of $40 or $50 (I never got an e-mail about the $10 bonus for registering a CC, so I don't know if I got that bonus). Profit of about $80.

I then deposited $50 at BoDog. I found a bonus there that matches that Initial deposit up to $50 for signing up. They give you the bonus money right away. But I need 150 bonus points for me to withdraw any money. Unfortuneately, you need to contribute to the pot to earn bonus points. I need 150, and I have earned about 65.

I really like the BoDog graphics and Interface and colors. I think I like it better than PokerStars. And everything is super fast too. Not too many players at the lower stakes. During the morning and afternoon, you are lucky to even see one .25/.50 or .50/1.00 limit game going on.

I'm down about $30 at bodog. I am suffering some horribly bad beats there. I would slowly gain and gain, playing good poker, and then WHAM! I lose all my profit in two hands to a bad beat. I hit trips on the flop. Another person hits their runner runner flush. Two pair for me. whoops! someone hits their inside st draw. Players there are super super loose, and a lot of bad players. Players seeing the flop at the limits I am playing is greater that 50%.

I have about $215 sitting in Neteller (I am going to go to Paradise next for the 50% match up to $100).

About $5 still at PokerStars.

And the $50 at Bodog (Starting balance of $100 with bonus. That is down to $70 now. Can't withdraw until bonus is cleared, if I can do that without losing that $70 )

If anyone else has some advice, let me know.



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