Thursday, September 15, 2005

Last night's session

I was able to play for a couple of hours last night. Ended the night right around even, meh.

I learned a valuable lesson though. Don't ever play re-buy turbo MTT. I played in one of the Poker Stars $3R satellites where for every $33 you earn a spot in another Satellite to one of the WCOOP tournies. If I were to get a spot, I was planning on unregistering, and then use that money for SNGs. I ened up taking a rebuy right away, and never had to take another one. After the add on, I was right at even (so $9 invested). The blinds move so fast, that I was card dead for a couple orbits, and wound up going out on a coinflip my 77 vs AK. Ended about 30 spots short of a entry. Oh well. Valuable lesson learned.

I made that $9 back by placing 2nd in a $5 SNG. I was the huge chip leader with 4 to go. Lost a coinflip with the 2nd biggest stack when my AK didn't improve against his TT. Us two made it to Heads-up, and on the last hand, I flopped an OESD. I semi-bluffed, and all our chips went in the middle and he showed his Pocket Jacks that hit trips on the flop. I didn't hit my open-ender, and I go home in 2nd place. Other than those two hands, I was very pleased with my play.

Played for only 15 minutes this morning and made a quick $6 at a 6 max .05/.10 NL table. I'm enjoying the ring no-limit a lot more now, and I am doing pretty good. I just have to be patient and peddle the nuts. Some donk will always be there to pay you off.



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