Monday, September 19, 2005

Weekend Poker

Not too much poker this weekend. I didn't play at all on Saturday or Sunday. I played for about an hour and a half this morning before work. I fired up a $5 SNG, and bought in for $5 each at two .05/.10 NL tables.

I saw a total of 4 hands on those NL tables. First hand on one table, I post the BB and see a free flop with 57, and Bam, the flop comes out 689 rainbow and I flop the 2nd nut straight. I decided to slow play it. Big Big mistake, as the Turn came an ugly ugly Ten. making my straight the 4th best. I'm not sure why I called the other psersons big re-raise, But I did. He had J7.

3rd hand on the other NL table, and I get KK. Raiser in front of me. I re-raise. He min re-raises me back, and I push all my chips in. Flop comes T,Q,A. Turn is another Q. River is a King!! I have Kings over Queens. But the other dude had AA for the higher Boat. Thats the first time in Ring NL where I had KK and someone else had AA. Man, that sucks!

But, I did palce first in the $5 SNG. I played this one really well. I made some huge calls during this thing. I busted two people when they made pretty big river bets trying to bluff thier way to the pot. I was first or 2nd in chips the whole way. When it was down to 5 people, everyone else tightened up a lot, so I ended up stealing the blinds at least 2-3 times an orbit. Once down to two players, I was down in chips 2 to 1, but he was acting really aggressive, betting at everything after the flop. I waited patiently and trapped him two hands in a row to take first place.

After all of that, I ended up for the morning a whopping $4. Yahoo.

BR sitting around $60. 6 more FPP for my $10 bonus.


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