Thursday, September 22, 2005

Bonus Whoring

I started my bonus whoring adventure this week. I cashed out of poker stars, and deposited $100 at bet365. Supposedly they have some pretty good bonuses.

I need 250 raked hands to get the initial signup bonus of $50, and then I'll get some extra bonus for their September bonus thing (Not sure how much I'll get on the September Bonus for playing 250 raked hands). I have already done 150 raked hands, so just 100 more. I should be able to get that done in the next couple days. unfortuneately, I am down $10 from playing there. I'm gettin killed at the .50/1.00 limit game. But doing pretty good at the NL & PL games. But, with the bonus, I still should show a profit.

Going from PokerStars to bet365 was a shell shock. PokerStars is 100 times better than bet365. The graphics, setup, etc.. is horrible. There aren't too many games going on, and usually only a few tables at each game with long waiting lists. Once my 250 raked hands are done, I'm outa there.

I wonder what site I should go visit next?


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