Friday, September 16, 2005

Bankroll at $65

Nothing of too much interest to report today. Went out 8th in a $5 SNG this morning. The table was really really passive. Lots of limpers, lots of calling stations. And I was card dead.

Lost about 1/4 of my stack in the beginning when I saw a free flop from the blind and flopped top two pair ( I think I had J6, Flop came out 26J rainbow). Did some 1/2 pot betting and a dude just called me the whole way down. He flopped trips with 66. He never raised or re-raised the whole hand.

I went out a little while later when my JJ ran into QQ. bleh.

Played about even poker at the Ring NL table. One thing I gotta remember, is to very rarely bluff at these low-limit tables. People will call with anything!

One particular hand really pissed me off at a 6 max table. I'm in the small blind with QJ. UTG Limps, Button bets 3x BB. I call and flop comes QJ4 rainbow. I check, UTG Checks, Button puts out a 3/4 pot bet. I re-raise the pot enough to put UTG All-in. UTG Calls ! Button folds. Turn was an A. River a blank. UTG Called with A4 offsuit to win with better two pairs! He called my big flop bet with bottom pair, top kicker.

Oh well, I got my money back from him two hands later when he called me down with Top Pair No Kicker, and I had Top Pair Top Kicker.

BR sitting around $65


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