Monday, October 10, 2005

Paradise Bonus Cleared

Finished my bonus over at Paradise. But lost $70 in the process. This sucks, cause was about even with only about 250 hands to go. So I only made a profit of $30.

Got killed at the NL and PLO8 tables at BoDog this weekend too. And I didn't even play that much. I got rivered three times in eight hands playing NL. I did take 2nd in a $10 SNG to make a few dollars back. I then cashed everything out of BoDog. Deposited $50, made $50 bonus, and $67 from playing poker.

Here is my bankroll status as of today.

Initial Deposit: $100

Poker Stars: +$20.00 Bonus; -$7.00 Poker
Bet365: +$100.00 Bonus; -$20.00 Poker
Crazy Poker: +$50.00 Bonus; +$35.00 Poker
BoDog: +$50.00 Bonus; +$67.00 Poker
Paradise: +$100.00 Bonus; -$70.00 Poker

Bonus Profit: $320.00
Poker Profit: $5.00

Total Bankroll: $425.00

So I've been playing Poker now since beginning of June, so 4 months total, and I've made a whopping $5.00 playing poker! LOL!

My Next Bonus will be Absolute. I'll deposit $100.00. Then the rest I will Deposit into PokerStars. They have a 25% reload going on now through the end of the week.


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