Monday, October 17, 2005

Oof Da!

I got a good quick kick in the junk by variance over at absolute this weekend on the .50/1.00 limit games. I lost about 50.00 this weekend on roughly 500 hands. Ouch. Thats 10BB/100!!. At least one quarter of those losses came when I had pocket kings. Over those 500 hands, I got KK 5 times. Thats pretty good. But I won only one of those times. Three of the times, someone else held POCKET ACES!!!!!!!!!!1!!1!!!! Three times! Isn't the odds of someone having AA when you hold KK like 1000:1 or something? Then the other loss was when someone held pocket jacks and hit trips on the flop. ARgggg.

The good news though is that I did pretty damn good away from the limit tables. Made a good $30 playing NL ring. And then over at Pokerstars I played in a 3 table (27 person) $5 SNG, and won for a nice profit of $45, and then won a $10 SNG for a profit of $34.

Damn, I wish I had more time to play poker, cause I have been doing awesome at SNGs.

Bankroll is probably around $500 or so. Over at Absolute, I am up about $10, plus an additional $60 from bonus, and at Pokerstars, I am up about $50, with 15% of the bonus completed.


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