Friday, October 14, 2005

Off to Absolute

Howdy all,

Been playing at both Absloute and PokerStars the last week. I deposited $100 at absolute, and so far I have completed $40 out of the $150 bonus. Also I'm up around $25 playing .50/1.00 limit. I've been doing really good at absloute.

I also deposited $300 at PokerStars, which gets me a $75 bonus. I'm only about 10% of thw way through on FPPs. I'm down about $20 bucks there since this last deposit. I've played 5 SNGs. I have one 1st, one 3rd, and the rest out of the money. And I'm not doing so hot at the limit tables either. I've had one nice session where I made $19, but every other session has been bad.

Is it me, or has the play at PokerStars gotten even more and more tighter? Lots more good players at the .50/1.00 level than other sites. In every one of the SNGs I've played lately, there are still 8+ people after 5 levels or so!

I think BoDog may be my place to play in the future for SNGs.


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