Monday, July 02, 2007

June Results

I turned it on the last two days of June, and ended up just shy of the $1000 profit mark for the month (including rakeback). Friday I won $350, and Saturday I won $160. Nice!

NL Cash Games: +834.35
  • 50NL 6 max: $55.15 -- 36 hands
  • 100NL full: $40.00 -- 20 hands
  • 100NL 6 max: $355.85 -- 12,100 hands
  • 200NL 6 max: $383.35 -- 350 hands
Tournaments: -$181.85

For 100NL 6 max, I won 2.94 BBs/100. Definitely worse than last month. I played more 200NL when the games were juicy, and my results were good. I'll start throwing in more of those tables when I find some donks up there.

I did some of my datamining at 200NL this past month, so I only have 5000 hands or more on 35 people. The best BB/100's were:
  • 24.5 (5488 hands)
  • 21.05 (7155 hands)
  • 19.96 (5069 hands)
  • 18.64 (10953 hands)
The worst BB/100 were:
  • -15.62 (5460 hands)
  • -10.73 (5653 hands)
  • -9.43 (15897 hands)
My VP$IP / PFR% this past month was 21.2/14.0 (Compared with 20.6/13.0 in May). According to PokerTracker, I put in about 38 hours at the tables for June. That computes to about $26 an hour.


July has started off in wild fashion. This morning I went from $100 up, to $150 down, and finished the morning at $170 up. Wow! I found a super donk running at 60/35 and got position on him at both tables. With a player like that, you are going to see a lot more variance. The big hand was me winning a 400 BB pot with 33 on a 358 board. He had 53 offsuit and we got it all in on the flop. He didn't hit his two outer, and I raked in a monster pot.


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At 12:19 AM , Blogger jjok said...

very nice ending.....throw that luck shit over here.

skill too if you please.


At 9:19 AM , Blogger PokerFool said...

Ha, you got the skill, don't worry about that.

I'll have to take a look at your mined stats and see if I have any advice for ya :)

Thanks for dropping by.


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