Thursday, February 01, 2007

January 2007 Results

I haven't done one of these results posts for a while, so I figured I'd start them up again. January was a profitable month. Though, it could have been a lot profitable. The swings were huge. Take a look at the monthly cash games graph.

Yuck! The month started off really bad, then I built my way up to +200. Then went all the way down to -850. Then did awesome and went back up to +550! Then dropped back to -300, and ended the month even. Yikes! So I had a -400 run, then +600, then -1050, then +1400, then -800, and ended the month on a +300 run.

Total Profit: $912.94

Total Bonuses Received: $500.00
  • BetUS(Tribeca): $500.00
Total Poker Profit: $412.94
  • PokerStars: -$48.17
  • FullTilt: $291.01
  • BetUS: $170.10
No Limit Ring Profit: $17.75
  • $50NL: -$15.23
  • $100NL: $782.82
  • $200NL: -$749.84
Multi Table Tournaments: $377.19

SNGs: $18.90

I think I'll stick with the 100NL more in the future. 200NL kicked my butt. I played more MTTs and SNGs this month than in months past, and I think doing this made playing poker a lot more fun. I'll still continue to do this in the future.

I'm going to break down the numbers a little bit more of the main games I played (PTBB/100 = Poker Tracker Big Blinds per 100 hands [ex. at 100NL, a PTBB = $2], VP$IP = Voluntarily put Money in the Pot, PFR% = Pre-Flop Raise percentage).

100NL Full Ring:
Total Hands: 484
Profit: +$364.23
PTBB/100: +37.6
VP$IP: 25.2%
PFR%: 11.8%

100NL 6 max:
Total Hands: 5712
Profit: +$438.34
PTBB/100: +3.84
VP$IP: 26.4%
PFR%: 13.9%

200NL 6 max:
Total Hands: 1372
Profit: -$740.84
PTBB/100: -13.5
VP$IP: 24.2%
PFR%: 12.2%

There you have it. A Profitable month. You can't complain too much about that.

Hopefully February starts off well.



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