Tuesday, September 05, 2006

That Was An Easy $750

Hope you all had a good holiday weekend. Poker went pretty well over the weekend. So I've finally started off a month on the right foot. I think I am up a good $700 or $800 so far this month. The last couple months have started off bad, so it's nice to start off in the black.

I finished up my Party Poker reload bonus. I ended up about $100 or so after my 1000 raked hands were complete. I also cleared the hourly bonus over at Will Hill. The doubled their hourly bonus to 10 lbs per table hour (about $19). This bonus is just way too good to pass up. And I won a good amount playing the 100NL 6 max tables. I did so good in fact, I decided to reload over at SunPoker, which is part of the same network (Cryptologic). After 500 MPPs, I'll get a nice $100 bonus.

I started the weekend off well at Full Tilt, but ended up down there on Monday night. I lost a big pot at 200NL when I hit the nut flush, but my opponent rivered the straight flush. Add to the fact that he called my PF raise with 85s, I can say this was probably my worst beat. I was in another hand when this one was going on, and when the river card fell and gave me my nut flush, and then the dude bet into me (putting me all-in), I obviously hit the call button, and then went to the other table. I then went back to this table and noticed that I was sitting out now. I was really confused for a minute. I mean, I had the nut flush on a non-paired board! Why am I sitting out with no money!

At least I won a stack at another 200NL table later that night with Aces over Kings.


In reference to my title above, I finished up the sports bets needed to take advantage of the Mansion Sports bet going on. Good thing I waited too, since Pitts QB is out for this game due to some surgery he had this weekend. The line moved from Pitt +5 to even! If my math is correct, I will win either $750 or $758 from this. I found an affiliate that offers a $250 bonus if you sign up through them at SIA (SportsInterAction). See below

So I placed my two wagers. $1100 at Mansion on Pittsbugh (The line is now at 0 or Pick 'em). And then $500 (Plus $50 bonus) on Miami at SIA.

So if Pittsbugh wins, I win $1000 at Mansion, and lose the $500 at SIA for a profit of $500. If Miami wins, I get my $1100 back from Mansion, and I win $1008 at SIA for a profit of $508. Add the $250 bonus, and I am guaranteed at least $750! Wow. Unfortunately, it ties up $1500 of my bankroll, but that's ok for +EV of $750.

Here is a link to the affiliate that I went through. Hopefully everything works




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