Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Damn Tilt

Ug, Had a crappy session this morning. Got rivered in one of my first ten hands and went on semi-tilt the rest of the morning. I started playing way too aggressive, and got burned big time. Thankfully, the people who got me this morning never had more than a half stack, so I didn't lose the maximum.

So I get Kings and raise it up to $5 on the button. Two callers, flop come all unders with 2 spades, and it is checked to me. I bet 2/3 pot and dude check-raises me all-in. He has the nut flush draw and hits on the river.

I don't know why this put me on tilt, but then I started playing pretty aggressive and started playing hands fast that I probably could have gotten away from. Plus, it doesn't help when donks flop the nuts vs you.

One particular hand, a donk min-raises on the button at 6 max. I'm in the BB with AJ and call. Flop is AKQ. Check, check. Turn is a Jack. I have two pair. He can't have a ten, right? I suppose pocket tens, but what other hand min-bets PF? Of course shortie has JT for the flopped nuts. grrr.

Another hand where there is a limper, and I bet from the button with QJ. SB and limper come along. Flop is A99. Check, Check, Check. Turn is a Ten. Ooo, I have an open ender now. SB bets half pot and I call with my OESD. River gives me my straight with an 8. He bets small again, I raise, and he pushes the rest of his half stack in. He had A9. NH sir.

And then to top it off, I get it all in on the flop vs another shortie with AT on a 34T rainbow flop. He has QTs, and goes runner-runner flush on me. Yay river.

All of those I should have played slower and try to control the size of the pot. Instead I went aggro crazy. Grrrr.

If I get my chores done early tonight, and get the kids in bed before 9PM, I'll probably try and join the Mookie Tournament tonight and maybe a crazy rebuy tournament.



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