Friday, August 11, 2006


I was surfing around last night, looking for updates on the Live WSOP Final Table going on last night, when I ran into a post and a link in a thread. Some people were having luck getting a free feed to the PPV viewing of the final table action. Sure enough, I tried it out, and it worked! And I have to say, it was quite entertaining watching the action as it happens. No Commercials, you get to see ALL of the action, etc... It was really fun to watch. My most favorite hand was the hand where Cunningham called Gold's river bet with just Ace High and took down the pot. Listening to all of their table talk was pretty exciting. But holy cow, Jamie Gold dominated the final table play. Sure, he was getting hit in the face with the deck, but he put on a clinic on how to play big stack poker.

Watching the whole Final Table live, with Phil Gorden and crew commenting, is about 1000 times better than watching Dick Van Patton and Chad Normen and the cut down version which will be on ESPN in a few months. I'm gonna have to look for a "copy" out on the internets some where. I hope I can find the right tube.


I played in a bunch of MTTs on Wednesday night, including The Mookie. I went out before the first break in a wild wild hand. I can't remember if I was the Button or the Big Blind, but I had pocket 3's. Surflexus raised it 4x BB, and I decided to call, since it was less than 10% of my current stack (I had a just above starting stack). Skidoo also called in the BB.

The flop was 3h, 8s, Jh. Flexus bet really small, like only 1/4 pot, and I raised about the size of the pot. Skidoo re-raised all-in (it was only about 250 more than my raise). Flexus then re-re-raises enough to put me in. I probably could have folded with my bottom set here. But I figured that I was probably behind skidoo, but I thought that I was still ahead of Flexus and could win the side pot.

I had a set 3's. Skidoo had a set of 8's, and Flexus had a set of J's. Set over set over set. Damn

I also played in the $10 rebuy at both Stars and Paradise. I had a total of $50 in at Stars, and ended up making it about 75 away from the money. I had an M of about 5 and found pocket 8's on the button. UTG had raised 3x BB, who was also a huge stack, and I decided that this was a decent spot to push. He had aces. I didn't even make it past the rebuy period at Paradise. I didn't get any top 10% hands at all, and the table I was at was playing really slow and really weak. No one was being crazy, so when I lost right before the first break, I decided not to rebuy. There was no way I was going to accumulate chips fast at that table. I also played in a Full Tilt $10 MTT. I made it through half the field but lost most of my stack with AK. A guy who I had coverd by 600 chips called with AA, and another short stack got all-in too with AK. So AA vs AK vs AK.

Then Wed ended on another sour note at a $200 NL table. I flopped a set of 3's and got it all-in with a guy who had an OESD and he hit on the turn.


On a positive note, I have actually won a little money the last two days (Thursday and so far today), so that is my first winning streak of the month. I dropped below 10k because of Wednesday, but when I get my Victor Chandler bonus here in a few days, that should put me back up above 10k. Uggg, still pretty much break even since the beginning of June. Maybe I'll start playing some more SNGs.



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