Thursday, August 24, 2006

I Don't Know Why I Even Bother With Tournaments

Last night I played in Five tournaments and two Sit-n-go's.

Number of cashes: 0
Money Lost: -$185

NL Ring Games last night: + $300

I wonder how much I coulda won if I didn't waste my time in tournaments. Too bad they are a good time. Even though I haven't cashed in a MTT in about a billion years, they still are a heck of a lot of fun.

I played the Mookie again last night. First hand I get the hammer and take down the pot with a flop continuation bet. I played pretty well in this MTT. I was actually the chip leader for a while. I flopped a Full House with K8 when I was just trying to steal the blinds and won a nice pot against budman something or the other. When it got down to 2 tables, I was still in the top half, but started to lose my stack on wiffed flops. Then I got it all-in with Pocket Jacks vs KQ and won the coinflip. Very next hand I get Pocket Kings! Too bad someone else had Aces. Yay me.

I made it deep in the Stars Crazy $10 Rebuy. I went out about 40 out of the money. I was actually in the top 75 for a little while. But we had a huge giant stack at our table, and he was 3x BB betting over half of the time. I was card dead, and starting getting blinded down. Chip leader had shown the he is willing to fold PF to big re-raises, so I tried it out with K9s. Too bad he actually had a hand that time, and I lose the 60/40 hand.

I also played in the Paradise $10 rebuy. I was in the top 100 after the rebuy period and my stack stayed about the same all the way until my last hand. I had an M of about 10, and I find AK in EP so I raise it up 3x BB. Button who has me covered by about double calls, but SB min-raises. I push. The button calls for some reason ( I guess a bet, and a raise behind him and then a re-raise isn't enough to make him fold). The SB also calls (He had me covered by only 750 chips). Since one of the others was not all-in, their cards were not flipped over. But a King on the flop gave me hope that my hand was good. They checked it down. The Turn was a blank, and the River was a 4. Guess what the button had? Yep, pocket 4's. He called a raise and a re-raise with pocket 4's for half his stack.

Then I lost in the other MTTs and SNGs. The only thing I remember about the others is I lost KK to A3 sooooooted and lost with two pair to pocket 5's who flopped a 5, and rivered the last one just to rub it in a little more.

Yay donkaments.


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