Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Finally Finished The PokerShare Promo

Ug, I finally cranked out the final 200 or so FPPs over at PokerShare to finish off my PSO promo. I pretty much was even through those last 200 FPPs. I ended up a few hundred I think from playing there, but it sure felt like a grind. The biggest pot I won was with pocket 5's vs a PF dude who had AJ and the flop was AJ5. You gotta like that!

I also signed up at Royal Vegas through PokerSavvy this weekend, and finished up the 250 raked hands requirement. That went by pretty quickly at the 100NL tables (Plus a few hands at full ring 200NL). I ended down about $50 (but for some reason my cashier balance is $100 higher. I'll have to look into that). Royal Vegas is part of the Prima network. PokerSavvy also has two other pokerrooms to sign up at that are the Prima network, all worth 500 Savvy points each ($50). I think I will eventually do those, but I don't think I will continue on and clear the signup bonuses (100% up to 100, 1000 raked hands). I've never been a big fan of the Prima Network. There are usually a good number of 6 max games going on, but it is rare to find many full 10 person tables. And I haven't witnessed too many crazies like at some of the other networks I've played at. I'd much rather spend my time with the maniacs :)

I had a pretty good morning, up about $170 playing an hour or so. I stacked a guy over at poker.com with 86 of spades. I limped in and a whole bunch of other people limped in. Flop was Ah, 9s, 7s giving me an open ended straight flush draw. I bet, other dude raised, and I re-raised. He called. The turn was a blank, but I fired out another pot size bet. He called. The turn was a 5, giving me a straight, and he called off the rest of his stack with A9 and two pair. You gotta play those monster draws fast and build a nice big pot.


I also have to mention a couple hands this weekend over at PokerShare. As I was clearing my FPPs, there actually were a couple crazy maniacs that sat down at my tables. Their stupidity cost me a couple of really nice size pots. The first one, I had pocket 8's and called a PF 4x BB bet. But the idiot in the blind decided to go all-in, and when the PF bettor called, I had to fold. Idiot had ATo, PF bettor had Kings. Of course an 8 flopped, and I would have won a really nice pot. Over at another table, I limped in with 53s (one of my new favorite hands), and there was a bet. Another idiot goes all-in. I have to fold my 53s, and PF better calls. PF bettor has Aces. Idiot has KJ. There were two 3's on the flop, and again I would have won a nice big pot and cracked aces.


I've had some friends of mine who read this here blog ask some questions as to what a lot of the acronyms and other poker lingo means. Like, "What the hell does UTG mean?" etc....

Here is a really good thread over at Bet-the-Pot.com that lists all of the acronyms and their definitions. Go Check it out.




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