Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Live Poker Is Rigged

Played in a home game on Monday night. There were nine of us, and we played two $10 games. I went out 5th and 4th in each. We paid top three. In the last, I went out with pocket Aces to pocket Nines when the turn and river brought the third and forth diamonds. I didn't have the ace of diamonds. He had the 9 of diamonds. We had exactly the same chip stack, so it was a brutal beat.

Just a few hands earlier there was an PF all-in between two other people of QJo QJo. The board brought 4 diamonds and someone won what should have been a split. Live Poker is rigged I tell you!


So I was looking at my stats from the last couple months, and I noticed that I am running at +10 PTBB/100 at $100NL full ring, +0.77 PTBB/100 at $200NL full ring, and -10 PTBB/100 at $100NL 6 max. That pretty much explains my long breakeven streak the last three months.

So I have decided to stick with the proven winner, and I plan on only playing $100NL for the time being. The results have been good so far, as I am up $300 in the last 24 hours (about 300 hands played).

There were two big pots that are included in those recent results. The first is when it was folded to me in the cutoff and I have A9 and decide to raise it up. The Big Blind calls. The flop is A, x, x with two diamonds. He checks, and I bet 3/4 pot, and he calls. The turn is the 9s giving me top two pair, but now putting two diamonds and two spades out there. He checks, I bet full pot and he pushes. I think for a while and call and he has A4 of spades and thankfully no spade came on the river.

The 2nd big pot, I was in the SB with pocket Jacks. It is folded to the button who limps. I raise it up standard and he pushed. I've never seen a limp-re-raise all-in from the button, so I called. He showed pocket 7's and my hand held up for another stack.


Anyone out there have an open spot on their fantasy football league? I'm in danger of not being in a league for the first time in like 10 years!



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