Monday, August 14, 2006

Breaking Benjamin

If you are into Rock-N-Roll, and enjoy bands like Nickelback, Linkin Park, etc.. you need to pick up the new Breaking Benjamin album. It totally kicks ass. Actually, pick up all three of Breaking Benjamin's albums. They are one of those bands where you can listen to the whole album all the way through. All of their albums are like that, and this one is no exception to that.

On to Poker content!

I had a pretty good weekend on the tables. I finished off the Victor Chandler Bonus, which was worth a cool $500. I cashed out of there, and started doing some PokerSavvy and PokerSourceOnline promotions. If you haven't done some of these, you really need to. They are so easy. The Mansion Poker one through PokerSavvy is so easy. And you get 900 points (worth $90) in about 30 minutes worth of work. I also did the promotion on Saturday, and finished that one off in about an hour and a half. I also signed up for their promotion. I only need 250 POP points, and they say that is about 100 raked hands or so at the limits I play. I haven't played there yet, as I had trouble depositing money this morning. Hopefully it will work a little later on in the day.

I also signed up at PokerShare through PokerSourceOnline. This one may take a little longer, but it is worth 9000 PSO points ($90).

In addition to those bonuses, I am also up over $500 for the weekend! Most of that is PokerShare. I hit a couple nice flops, and actually got paid off.

The biggest one was a nice $250 pot on a 100NL table. I got dealt pocket 9's on the button. There was one limper, and I raised it to $5. The BB and limper called. The flop was 4c, 8h, 9h giving me the nuts, but with some possible draws out there. It was checked to me, and for some reason, I decided to check behind too. I probably shouldn't have given a free card here. I think I did that because I didn't notice that the BB had called, and I thought I was heads up. Oops.

So the turn is the 10s. It is checked to me, and I bet about 2/3 pot now. They both call! I figure for sure one of them is on a flush draw. Maybe the other has a Jack or something. The river is the 4h, putting 3 hearts out there, but giving me a full house (only pocket 4's and pocket 10's beat me now).

The BB checks, the limper goes all-in, which is about a full pot bet. I just call, hoping the BB comes along. Not only does he come along, but he min-raises (He has me covered)!! I push the rest of my chips in and he calls.

So on a board of 8h, 4c, 9h, 10s, 4h, and me holding pocket 9's for a full house 9's over 4's, what do you think they have?

The limper shows JQ for a straight, and the BB shows 34 of diamonds for three of a kind 4's! Ha! What the hell is the BB calling that turn bet with only a pair of 4's?

I also won another big pot with 53 of hearts. I limped in (I like playing low suited connectors and one/two gappers. You always know exactly where you stand after the flop. You either hit it hard, or you let it go). The button raised and I and another limper called. The flop was all hearts! 2h, 4h, Jh. So I also had a open ended straight flush draw.

I led out and bet 2/3 pot, the other limper folded, and the PF raiser raised just a little over minimum. I ended up just calling. The turn was a blank, and I checked. He bet a little over half pot, and I just called again. I probably should have raised, in case he has a heart himself and charge him for seeing another card. The river was another blank, and I knew I had the best hand. I took a chance here, and checked again feigning weakness. It worked, because he pushed all-in, I called, and he showed pocket rockets, and I win a nice pot.

So things are looking up here at PokerFool world!

Now go do some of those bonuses at PokerSavvy and PokerSourceOnline!


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