Friday, September 01, 2006

Thank You Poker

I thought I'd put up a picture of my new TV that I got a few weeks ago.

Everything you see here was paid for from poker profits (TV, Entertainment Center, and Couch). I ended up getting the Panasonic 50" TH-50PX60U. I can't tell you how awesome it is to watch TV in high definition. Sports, and especially football, looks absolutely amazing in HD on a plasma. You can see every single blade of grass. It will be fun watching the Vikings win 9-6 every week on this thing.

If you are in the market for a TV, make sure you do a lot of shopping around and get some other price estimates. I was able to talk Best Buy down a couple hundred bucks off of their SALE price with some prices from other websites (Thanks Honey!).

So thank you poker! Thank you poker sites for your bonuses. And especially thank you to all the donks out there (especially you crazy Europeans)!


There's been a lot of talk about this Mansion Sportsbook promo going around. I am definitely going to do this, and also hedge my bet. Another thing that people might not be aware of, is that you can make an extra $180 off of this. You can sign up at Mansion through Pokersavvy, and get 900 savvy points ($90), and then you can hedge your bet over at BoDogs sportsbook after you sign up through PokerSourceOnline (9000 PSO points = $90). Both of those sites allows you to clear the bonus requirements through the sportsbook.

So that means if you have never signed up at Mansion or BoDog yet, you can make a guaranteed $640!

I'll post some more details later after I get this done myself.


Still looking for a Fantasy Football league. Let me know in the comments of this post if you have an opening in any of your leagues.



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