Friday, August 18, 2006, Nine Poker, and Reviews

I had a pretty good night on the tables last night, booking a $300+ win. Most of that coming over at Nine Poker where I won two nice pots with trips, and another with 63s in the SB and flopping a flush. This win got me back above 11k in my "total" bankroll (The one I am keeping track of. My actual bankroll is smaller due to withdrawals). After starting off August on a really bad streak, I am almost back to even when I include bonuses. I hate starting months off like that, climbing back from a loss just to break even.

I finished off the promotions over at and Nine poker. I still am working on the PokerShare one. Here is a quick description of each of those sites: doesn't get much traffic. In the morning, I'm lucky to find one table going at either 100NL or 200NL. At night, there are maybe 3 total tables at those two limits. There are no 6 max games going (or maybe they are listed somewhere else, I couldn't find any). makes up for this by having some pretty crappy players. Made hands will get paid off. The games are really really loose. Usually the tables have a Flop % of grater than 40%. has some cool features where you can muck, but show what cards you mucked. You can also show only one (Or none or both of course) of your cards when you win a pot without a showdown. They also have a cool feature where after you win a pot without a showdown, you can show your hand and have the dealer deal the rest of the cards. I of course never use any of these options, because I never like to give my opponents extra information, but the idiots there love it. So you gather A LOT of information on the other people playing there. They all think that showing their bluff, and then having the cards dealt out anyways is sooo cool. So, has low traffic, but the software is really nice.

Nine Poker has even less traffic than In the morning, forget about it. There might be one 25NL or 50NL table going. At night, there will be a couple tables going. But the players on this network are even worse. I think I may just leave money on this site, and whenever I am playing at night, open up a 200NL and set mine. I will for sure get paid off. Top pair (Heck, even middle pair) is gold to these fools here. The only thing that is annoying about this site is how you bet. There are Four buttons that are there for your decision making. Fold, Check(Call), Bet (Or raise) Minimum, and Bet Other. When you hit the Bet Other button, the default number listed is pot. It took me a while to figure out how to bet something different, as the slider bar is really weird. It would slide by dollar increments from 1-5, but they when you slide it past $5, it goes straight to $10. Ahhh, I want to bet $7.5! And then it goes in $5 increments after. It took me a little while to figure out that you can highlight the bet number, type in what you want, and then hit ENTER. You have to hit enter though. There is no button to push after you type in , say $12.50. The bet button is greyed out! You have to hit enter. When I figured it out, then betting became more easy, as I just hit the Bet other button, type in $7 and hit enter right away. But I don't think everyone has figured this out. So about 90% of the bets/raises you see on this site are either Min-raise or Full Pot raises. This makes drawing a little more difficult, because you aren't given good odds with those full pot bets.

And finally is PokerShare. I can't wait to be done with this promotion. It takes a lot longer than the previous two. And the players are much better, and much more aggressive. Sure, I'm up a decent amount here, but I haven't really come across too many donks. Plus, there are never any full ring games going (Maybe one every once in a while at 200NL). I need 500 FPPs, and I think I am at about 350-375 or so. The games move really fast though, which is nice (But makes it hard to play more than 3 tables). Also, the software on this site is really similar to the old BoDog software. The card graphics are exactly the same as BoDog.

I'm not sure where I am going to play after this. I played a few hands over at Party Poker, but with this new Monster Promotion and its massive rake, I doubt it is worth it to play over there now. They take an extra $0.50 rake out on each pot! Forget about playing 6 max there. Assuming you win exactly 1/6 of the hands (and just assume only 60% of the hands that are raked) that is an extra $5 per 100 hands! That's 2.5 PTBB per 100 hands! Heck, over the long run, 2.5PTBB/100 is a good win rate. Now Party Poker takes that much more rake off of you. What a joke.

So go sign up over at PokerSavvy and PSO and do the promotions there. Most of them are really easy, and you can make some nice bonus money off of them



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