Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I Don't Like To Post When I Am Running Bad

That's why I haven't posted in a while. August has not been good so far. I finally had a positive day this morning, and that was with playing only about 40 hands.

It's that damn river again. It's killing me. For the month of August, my Win % at Showdown is below 30%! THIRTY PERCENT!!!!1!

I'm going through one of those stages where is seems everyone at the table can see what I am holding. I haven't gotten any of my sets paid off. And my big pairs either just get me the Blinds, or I get sucked out on and lose a big pot.

I've won only one big pot, and I had to suck out on the river to win that one. I got a free look in the blinds with J6o. Flop comes J, 6, x with two diamonds. I bet out and get called in two spots. The turn is a third diamond. I bet small, more as a blocking bet and get called. The River is a beautiful Jack giving me a full house Jacks over 6's. We get it all in on the river and he had pocket 6's.

This hand pretty much sums up the month I am having:

I have clicked the Auto-post blind button off, as I am about to end for the morning. I find JJ UTG, and decide to limp in. Playing a hand like this out of position kind of sucks. If I bet and am called, and an overcard comes, I could be in a real pickle if I get raised.

My limps triggers most everyone else to limp. That's fine with me, since I am pretty much playing this for set value anyways.

So there are about 4 limpers, and the CO raise to a whopping $3. I don't understand raises like this. Don't do this. If you are going to raise, don't raise like a wussy. Raise 3x BB + 1BB for every limper. So the BB calls, and its up to me. I decide that this is a good time to re-raise, and get all this dead money. It is doubtful the raiser has a QQ-AA hand, so I am pretty sure I am ahead of his range. I bump it up to $15. It folds to a middle position dude who had limped, and he pushes all-in for a total of $60. The initial raiser folds, and it is folded to me and I call. There is no way he has QQ-AA. His range could be anything, because this is a pretty donkish move. So we flip up our cards.

I have JJ.
He has A2 offsuit.

The flop was QJ5 Rainbow.

I lost the hand.

The turn was a 4. The river a 3.

That is how my luck has been this past week.

I have about ten more hands like this I could post, but I think you get the idea.


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