Wednesday, August 02, 2006

July 2006 Results

I climbed back from the abyss and recorded a profit for the Month of July. Thanks to July 31, my poker profit hit the black, which I was really happy about. If you break down the month in thirds, I lost $575 the first third, lost $80 the middle third, and made $1,200 the last third.

Again, not much bonus money, as I am working on this big Victor Chandler bonus. Some of that is also due to not playing all that many hours. But, August will for sure be more than double what I did in July.

I stayed away from the SNGs again. I may start to play a few more of those, because they are pretty fun. I plan on having a MTT night again here soon where I will hit up my regular 180 person MTTs and some of the crazy rebuy MTTs.

Total Profit: $538.52

Total Bonuses Received: $298.24
  • PokerStars: $120.00
  • PartyPoker: $100.00
  • WillHill: $18.24
  • Paradise: $60.00
Total Poker Profit: $240.28
  • PokerStars: -$779.40
  • PartyPoker: $56.77
  • WillHill: -$195.54
  • Hollywood: -$460.10
  • Paradise: -$216.55
  • Victor Chandler: $1,376.00
  • Pacific Poker: -$1.00
No Limit Ring Profit: $467.78
  • $100NL: $695.09
  • $200NL: -$158.31
  • $400NL: -$69.00
Multi Table Tournaments: -$223.00 (Not one damn cash)

Other (Some 7 Card Stud): -$4.50

Holy crap did PokerStars kick my ass. $620 of that big PokerStars loss was in a three day period. Ouch! I don't think I'll be clearing too many bonuses there from now on. But Hooray for the Tribeca network and Victor Chandler.

Breaking it down by days, I had 17 positive days and 12 negative days, and 2 off days. My biggest win was July 31 for $364. Biggest loss was July 8 for almost -$400. Eeek! Seven days I won over $100, and seven days I lost over $100.

I don't have my pokertracker numbers, so I'll put up a post in a few days with a look at those. I would guess that about two thirds of my play was at the $100NL level, with about half at 6 max. Most of my $200NL play was at Full Ring. I did start to play some 6 max $200NL towards the end of the month.

End of July Bankroll: $11,178.45

Goal for End of August: $13,000.00

Good Luck!


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