Friday, July 28, 2006

Seven Winning Days In A Row!

Nothing too exciting of note happening in my little poker world the last couple days. I've recorded small profits the last three days, so that is 7 days in a row now of positive results. I am finally into the black for the month of July.

My results for the last two days would be $200 better if it wasn't for two hands. They were both shorthanded, and I just ended up against a monster when I also had a really good hand.

The first one was at Paradise. Nothing too exciting happening at this 5 max $100 table. I hadn't gotten too many good hands, so I was playing pretty tight. I found AKo and raised it up and got two callers. Flop was K,Q, x. I bet out, got raised, and I re-raised all-in. Other player had KQ. Yay me. I could have easily gotten away from that one.

The next one was one of the first hands from this morning. I joined up a $100 6 max table at Victor Chandler. When I sat, there were 5 of us, but two other sat out, so there was only 3 people playing. I found J7 and decided to raise and steal some blinds. The Big Blind only called and we saw a flop of J75. Wow, top two! Awesome. We got it all in and of course he had pocket 5's. I'm not sure I can get away from top two pair at 3 handed table.

Not the greatest way to start off the morning, but I shook off the tilt and stacked a dude a little later at a $200 table with AK vs JJ.

If you've been living under a rock, the World Series of Poker Main Event starts today. Man, wouldn't that be great to be out there for that? Maybe next year.



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