Wednesday, May 24, 2006

What bonus should I do next?

I finally finished off the latest Party Bonus. The last 400 hands were brutal. No sets. I don't think got aces. Maybe got kings once. Completely card dead. I still made a good $200 yesterday, even though I wasn't too happy with my play as a whole. I won some pretty big hands over at B2B. I stacked off someone and thier Pockets Aces with 52s. I was in the BB at a 6 max table and villain only made $3 raise and I called. Flop came with two more twos, and he couldn't let go of his overpair. The very next hand I stacked someone else who had pocket Kings when I hit my straight on the turn with 67o. Muahaha.

I also played in a SNG for the first time in a couple weeks. I have been mainly soncentrating on my NL cash game, but I fired up a $27 Turbo SNG at Stars and won the thing. I played really tight in the beginning, and then with 6 left, I got QQ, AA, and QQ in back to back to back hands. I knocked out two peoeple with one of the QQ hands. We all got our money in PF and I was up against 88 and AK. A nice Queen on the flop shipped the chips my way. At one point with four left, I had 9,000 of the 13,500 chips in play. Once it was down to two of us, it got a little bit closer, but I took it down with Q3 vs J9.

I also donated some money at the WWdN tournie. I sat out the whole MTT, and still ended up at around 30th place. Heh. I don't mind donating money to some of the other bloggers out there. I also started playing the $10 Rebuy guarenteed 55K MTT. I was at a nice table for a while and tripled up, but then got moved to a rock garden. I lost a good chunk to a rivered inside straight draw, and then lost a coinflip a little later on. I decided not to rebuy and just end it. I figured it wasn't worth it to rebuy and continue to play at a table like this. It was still level 2 and it was being folded to the blinds every other hand! This is the worst kind table to be at in a rebuy MTT, so I said screw it and quit.

I'm not sure where I will go to next. I am still working on the TopRankedPoker Bonus. But table selection there is bad, so I need to add another site to bonus whore. I am thinking about adding another Tribeca site like VictorChandler. I also will probably try playing over at FullTilt finally. And I may also do a PSO promotion through PokerShare.

Bankroll is above $8,000 now. $9,000 possible by the end of the month? Maybe, espeically considering the TopRankedPoker bonus due on the 30th of this month.



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