Friday, May 19, 2006

AQ = Muck at full table. AQ = gold at 6 max

Ok, so maybe it was gold just for today though. I still don't like AQ, but it treated me pretty good this morning over at B2B on the 100NL 6 max tables. I made another couple C notes this morning, and I am within striking distance of 8 G's in my bankroll. I won two nice pots with AQ off of the same guy who I had pegged for a not so good player. He gave me his stack when I hit TPTK and he had 3rd pair, top kicker. Thanks for calling me the whole way! A little while later after he reloaded, I took another nice pot off of him again with AQ and two pair.

I also sat down at a 200NL table again this morning, this time over at Party Poker. When I start out at a new level, I don't like to buy-in for a full stack, as I want to "test the water" first. So I bought in for $150. I ended up about $55 in about 60 hands, so that was pretty nice. The biggest hand with me having KK and villain re-raising me on the flop, and then he folded after I re-popped it back at him.

I finally hit a set this morning, my first in a couple days. It was with pocket Kings, but I got no action after the flop :( Oh well. I had one suckout, but that's ok. Dude slowplayed his bottom set when I hit top two pair on the flop. I filled up on the river to take a nice pot. Remember, DON'T SLOWPLAY BOTTOM SET! If he would have raised big on the flop or turn, I might have let it go.

There is another Minnesota Poker Blogger that you should go check out. Head on over to RageOnTilt and read about ragecg's poker playing adventures!

Have a good weekend!


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