Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Minnesota Poker Bloggers

Not too much to report on the poker front the last couple days. I've just been grinding out at the ring games trying to clear some bonuses. I finished off the Party Poker bonus for $100 on Monday. And I have 200 more raked hands to go over at PokerRewards for a $100 bonus. Then I have about 5000 more action points to go over at Doyle's for a $135 bonus. I should finish off those this week. And then I am grinding away over at Toprankedpoker. I have about 500 VIPs so far (and up about 300 Euro). I took my first loss there this morning, mainly from the Soko tables. That game is pretty fun. I had some monster draws, but none of them came through. Oh well.

So I thought I would pimp some of the other poker blogs out there from people who also live in Minnesota. There are some damn good ones. And you know why all the Minnesota poker bloggers are so good? Because there is nothing else to do up here. We live in a professional sports wasteland. Timberwolves suck. Twins suck really bad. Wild missed the playoffs, so they suck. The Vikings look promising, but they don't start for another couple months, and they will just end up disappointing us again anyways.

First one is Drizztdj over at Nickel and Dimes. Drizz is one of the best poker bloggers out there and the first one I check in the morning. He posts almost every day and writes some great tales about his life and poker. I'm sure that most of you already visit Nickel and Dimes every day and this isn't new news for you. But if you don't, what the hell are you doing? Get over there now!

BloodyP over at Bloody P Plays Poker is another great Minnesota poker blogger. He's pretty new to the poker blogging scene, having only started back in January, but he is another blogger that I check out every day. He has some entertaining and funny stories about his adventures at the small stakes poker games. Go check out his blog!

Also from MN is Chad over at Pokerama-rama. He's been blogging about poker forever I think. He is one of the first poker blogs that I started to visit almost a year ago. He's a damn good poker player and has had some pretty good advice over at his blog.

Professional Poker Playerâ„¢ Chris Halverson over at is another awesome MN poker blogger. He's been blogging even before Chad!

Those are some top rate blogs here folks. Go check them out!

That's all that I know of for now, and I'm sure there are many others. If anyone knows of any other MN poker bloggers out there, let me know.



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