Friday, May 05, 2006

April Poker Tracker Results

I wanted to throw up a little post with a little more detail on April, The Best Poker Month Ever! Mainly so I can look back a couple months from now and say, "Wow, I ran really good here. How did I do this?"

My $50 and $100 NL Full ring numbers don't look too out of the ordinary. PTBB/100 of 9.5 and 4.2(a PTBB is Two Big Blinds in No Limit Hold 'em, so I made 19 Big Blinds per 100 for $50NL, and 8.4 Big Blinds per 100 for $100NL). That is pretty doable over the long run I think. But my 6 max stats! Wow! I've read that 6 max is pretty high variance. Ain't that the truth. PTBB/100 of 49.6 and 38.0!

I don't play too much, so I didn't have a whole heck of a lot of hands in. There were only about 4500 hands here. I also played some at BetFred and Titan, but they don't have pokertracker support. I probably played a good 1200 to 1500 hands there, all at $50NL (probably split between full ring and 6 max) and made $175.83. So that is around 13 PT/BB there.

I'm not really sure what all those numbers are supposed to tell me. I am a TAG (Tight Aggressive)? A LAG (Loose Aggressive)? A Luckbox?



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