Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Tuesday Night MTTs

I was able to play in a few Multi-table Tournaments last night. My stats for the night? ITM = 0%. Yipee! It was fun though, so it wasn't a total loss.

I started out playing in the WWdN tournament. I doubled up in the first two levels to take an early chip lead. I got Pocket Kings from Early position and made a standard raise. I got re-raised a little and I popped it back again and they called. Flop came Jack high, I bet and other dude went all-in. I thought for a while, thinking that it might be Aces. But I called anyways and they showed Queens. I stayed pretty aggressive toward the beginning and was in the top 10 most of the way. I did suck out once and knocked out S.t.B. It was a SB vs BB battle and I raised PF. I hit bottom pair, and bet and he reraised. It wasn't too much more to put him all-in, so that is what I did. He showed top pair. But the turn gave me 2 pair, and the river filled me up. When it got down to 3 tables, I was right around even in chip stack. The table I was at was pretty tight, so stealing blinds wasn't that hard. I raised it up from Late position with K9s. One caller ( I think the BB). Flop came 8,9,K. I bet half pot and villain called. Turn was a 7, and we got all our money in. Turns out villain had pocket 7's and hit their two outer. I'm not really sure why they called on the flop with all overs to their pocket pair. I probably should have bet more on the flop. Oh well.

In the other tournaments, none of my hands would hold up.

In a 180 person $20 SNG, It was down to the final 4 tables. I have an average chip stack. I get pocket Kings and with two limpers in front of me, I push all-in. The BB calls my all-in (limpers fold) with pocket 9's. Ya dude, nice play. At best your looking at a coinflip. Of course a 9 on the flop sends me home.

I played in the Stars $10 $55K guaranteed tournie too. I did well the first hour, doubling up a few times an catching some nice flops. After the add-on, I was a little above par. Then after that, I went card dead. I was always in the bottom 50 people, with an M around 5 or 6. I stayed alive by successfully stealing blinds once an orbit or so. Then I get moved to a new table, and get placed in the BB right away. Thanks! But I get Pocket Jacks. UTG raises 3xBB, CO calls, and I push all-in ( I had doubled up a few hands earlier with TT vs 33, so my M was now about 8). UTG calls me. With what you say? Aces? No. Kings? Nope. Ok, AK then, right? Wrong again! He called half his stack away, with a big stack in the CO still yet to act, with ATo. Ace on the flop and IGHN.

And then, on the advice of Joe Speaker, I played in the Paradise $10 rebuy MTT. I was so unbelievably card dead, it was funny. And the players there are crazy! But I never got cards to get involved in any hands. I got Aces once during the re-buy period. There were a couple limpers in front of me, so I push all-in. Unfortunately, only a small stack in the BB called with KTo. Two tens on the flop, and I lost that one too. I ended up going out later on with AQ vs AJ. I got knocked out the last hand before the 2nd break, and that AQ was the best hand I saw for that entire hour. Ouch.

I hope that I don't sound like I am whining. After playing last night, it is even more evident on how atrocious most online poker players are. I saw some truly awful play, especially at the Paradise MTT. For people that know what they are doing, it is a gold mine out there. You just have to get a little lucky and concentrate on making the correct decisions and hope you get your money in with the best of it. I think I accomplished that for the most part, but things didn't end quite the way I wanted.

There's always next time!


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