Friday, May 12, 2006

B2B poker sites, Oh how I love thee

I had a great poker session this morning over at B2B. Have I told you how much I love those B2B sites? In a half an hour, I made almost 300 € playing two 6 max NL100 tables. I ran across one guy, who was at both of the tables I was at, who constantly bluffed at me. I don't know, maybe when I sat down, he saw the "fool" in my alias and decided I was going to be the guy he was going to pick on. Most of the time that I raised PF, he would call or re-raise a smallish amount. Then on the flop, if I threw out a continuation bet, he would raise me. The first couple times I folded to his aggression, as I didn't hit the flop very hard. Then, when he kept doing it, I figured that he can't have a hand every single time, so I started playing back at him and re-raising. And you know what, he was folding! And then he still kept bluffing away at me, and I kept on playing back at him. He won one pot off of me when he caught two pair on the river. But most of the time, my hand held up. I made quit a bit of money off of him. I don't know what it was, but people were really trying to bluff me this morning. I won another huge pot against another dude with AQ and TPTK when he tried to push me out of the pot with pocket Tens.

I also won a pot that is now my biggest pot ever. On Saturday, I scooped a nice 200 € pot. Well this morning, I scooped a 250 € pot! Here is the hand:

6 Max 100NL. I have about 150 €. Villain from this hand has 126 €. I get KK in MP and raise my standard amount to 4 €. Only the villain in the BB calls.
The flop is a very pretty K, 7, 3 rainbow. Hopefully my opponent caught a piece of that. Pot is at 8.50. He checks, and I check behind, not afraid of giving him a free card because there are no draws out there and I have the nuts right now.
The turn is the Jack of Spades, putting two spades out there now. Villain leads out for 3.25, about 40% pot. I pop it up to 10. He min-raises! Ooo, he must have something. Right now I am thinking that the Jack helped him, so maybe he has pocket jacks. I decide that I need to put a nice big re-raise in there, just in case he is drawing to a flush with the two spades out there (though the only hand I could see him having for a flush draw would be AK of spades). So I re-raise it up again. And then he comes over the top again with a re-raise. He has just 20 left, so I out him all in.

The turn action looked like this:
Villain Bet (3.25)
PokerFool$ Raise (10.00)
Villain Raise (13.50)
PokerFool$ Raise (35.00)
Villain Raise (85.00)
PokerFool$ All-In (103.25)
Villain All-In (20.75)
PokerFool$ Payback (25.75)

So either I am way ahead and he has one out to 4 of a kind, or he is drawing to a flush with AK of spades and has 8 outs.

River is a blank, and he turns over pocket 3's for bottom set, and I scoop a huge pot. I love winning sets over sets!

So my bankroll is now over $7,000! I'm up $900 already this month. Wow! I'm still working on a bunch of bonuses. I haven't put much of a dent in them this week. And then, Party Poker comes along and offers me another reload bonus! Man, I don't know if I'll have time to do all of these juicy bonuses!



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