Thursday, May 18, 2006

PokerRewards and Doyle's Room Bonus Finished

I finished up a couple bonuses the last two days. I had deposited some money over at PokerRewards through PokerSourceOnline a couple week ago. I finally cleared that and earned a nice $100 bonus (on top of the 6000 PSO points, which equates to $60). I finished up over $200 from playing poker, so it was a fairly profitable stay.

I then I cleared the Doyle's Room bonus for another $135. I love that site. I finished up over $550 there from playing poker. I will definitely be leaving money in that account. I may try another Tribeca site soon, like Victor Chandler. The bonus at VC equates to about 80% rakeback (compared to 100% at Doyle's), and with the "quality" of play there, it should be another good opportunity to make some coin.

I'm still working on the bonus over at TopRankedPoker. I have only accumulated about 1000 VIPs there (which equals 200 Euro). I doubt I will get to the 3000 needed for the max bonus. That's ok, because I am starting to get annoyed with their software. The tables keep freezing up on me, especially when I first open a table. I've timed out a few times holding some nice cards (Aces and Kings) because I can't hit any of the buttons. I'm not sure what is going on there. No other B2B sites do this to me. Also, there isn't a great selection of games going on at one time. There are never any 8 person 100NL tables going, so I only play the 6 max games. So I'll just play there when I can and take my 20 Euro per 100 VIPs when the month is up.

And finally on the bonus front, I deposited some more money over at PartyPoker for another one of their $100 bonuses. I'm about a quarter of the way through this one already. I love PartyPoker. I've probably made almost $1000 from bonuses there!

I had a pretty decent poker day yesterday. I made just over $200. And that was without hitting any sets! I haven't flopped trips for a couple days now, so I should be due soon :) I made most of that $200 from my big pocket pairs holding up, especially pocket Kings. Along with the recent cleared bonuses, my bankroll is now above $7500. I sat down at a 200NL table for the first time the other day over at Doyle's. I am pretty sure my bankroll could support the full time move to that level, but I am going to give a little while longer and maybe get the bankroll to 10k before I do that. Anyways, I started out pretty good, picking up a few small pots. I ended up down though, mostly from my play involving AQ. In about 50 hands, I think I got AQ at least 5 times. I should add this to my rule book: Muck AQ unless it is folded to you in the CO or on the button. Doing this would be +EV I think.

In other news, I noticed that my statcounter hit 1000 last week. It's now over 1100! I'm not really sure what that number means though. I think half of those are from me editing all of my spelling and grammer errors. So to all the 2 or 3 people who read this, thanks for dropping by!


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