Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Super Mega Tilt

Wow. I've never been this super mega tilted before. All I can do is just shake my head. The 45 minutes at the tables I put in this morning were unbelievable. I don't really know what happened. It was constant. I should describe some of the hands that put me on tilt. But I am trying to forget them. Runner-runner straight with 68o. Runner-Runner flush with T3s. The same guy. With me betting the whole way. Giving really crappy odds to chase. How do you call those hands PF, let alone on the flop when you have nothing?

I think it was good for me to experience this super mega tilt. I think I handled it ok. It was a good thing that it was before work and that it was time for me to leave. If I am to become a better poker player, I have to know how to handle tilt. It is going to happen. I want people to call me PF with T3s and 86o. I want them to call my flop bets with nothing. And I realize that they will hit every once in a while. I want them to hit every once in a while (preferably not against me) so that they keep coming back to donate their money.

So how much did I lose? $200? $500? Na, even though these hands did cost me a lot, I only ended up down somewhere between $50 and $75. I did win some hands. There was a big hand I won right away, but I don't remember the details, heh. So I guess I can take that as a consolation prize. It wasn't an expensive lesson.


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