Thursday, May 04, 2006

A little experiment

I have about 700 more hands at Party Poker, and about 300 more hands at Prima before I can collect a $100 bonus at each site. So I am going to try a little experiment and grind out these bonuses as fast as possible. Mainly so I can get back at the tables over at Doyle's Room and B2B, which have been extremely profitable for me.

I will play NL $50 (with maybe a couple NL $25 and a NL $100 thrown in). I am going to play up to 8 tables at once, and play them all short stacked. I will use a slightly modified version of Kill Phil Basic where basically I will buy in for the minimum (or about 30BBs) I will push all-in with AA-QQ and AK, and maybe add a few others in late position if there haven't been any raises. If there are a lot of limpers, I will limp with some mid pocket pairs, hoping to hit a set. If I double up, I will leave that table, and go to another table for the minimum. There is a post over at with other people trying this experiment, and it looks like it is slightly profitable.

I'm thinking I can get through those 1000 hands in a couple hours or so.

Anyone ever tried anything like this? Comments, questions, concerns?

Check back tomorrow to see how it all went down



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