Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ummm, Huh?

We interrupt this poker blog for this very important Lost message.

I'm a big Lost fan. I've seen every episode. But yesterday's season finale wasn't very good. And I was really looking forward to this episode.

Things that I liked about the season 2 finale: I enjoyed Desmond's back story. I really like this character, and I hope he is a regular in future seasons. I like how the writers link characters to each other. For example, Desmond's hatch partner, Kelvin. He is the same dude who captured Sayid and turned him into a torturer. I also was really surprised that "Henry Gale" is the leader of the "Others". That was a nice twist. And the little twist about the "Pearl" station being the one that is a farce was a nice touch. And that big stone foot. That was cool, but what's the story behind that?

Things I didn't like: I was really expecting some answers about Libby. They killed her off for christ's sake! She seems to be tied to a lot of people, but instead of giving us answers, they give us more questions. OK, so she gave the boat to Desmond. But WHY!?! What is her story? Is she part of this Hanso organization? And they better not have killed off either Locke, Eko, or Desmond ( I know Desmond's demise is entirely possible). If they kill off Locke or Eko, I'm not watching anymore. And we still didn't find out why the others wanted Sawyer, Freckles, and Jack. And what is up with bringing Hurley, and then letting him go? WTF that all about? And we never got any answers to some of the "super natural" aspects of the show. What's the deal with the monsters/polar bears? And the black fog? And the giant parrot that can say Hurley's name? And also, in the first season, the Numbers were super important. Now we don't even hear about them. Are they just numbers now? Do they hold no significance? Seriously, WTF? No more story on Sayid after he went ashore? Did he just give up? I'm going on TILT! So all we got out of this episode are more questions. Yipee. (<---sarcasm)


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