Monday, October 24, 2005

Winning in NL Ring

Interesteing poker weekend. I got killed in the limit games on Saturday. I lost about $60 playing mostly 1/2 limit. Had aces cracked by trips again. Lots of missed draws.

So I decided to play No limit the rest of the weeked. I cleaned up there. Made about $165.00 playing .10/.25 NL (Max $50 buy-in) I couldn't believe it. Lots of bad play out there. Won some huge pots with Aces. Won another huge pot with pocket 5s. I hit trips on the flop and opponent hit OESD. He hit his straight on the turn, but the board paired on the river giving me a full house.

Then this morning I backed into 3rd place in a $10 SNG. I was amazed. I've never been so card dead in my life, but still won 3rd. The only hand I won at showdown was when I was the short stack with 5 people left, and my chip count was 350t, and I had pocket 6s. Got called by Kx. Flop had two kings, but turn was a 6!


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