Thursday, October 20, 2005

A couple SNG wins

SNGs are still treating me good. Took 3rd in a $6 Turbo yesterday. I was the chip leader with three left (though we all were really close to each other).

Villain raised my Big Blind and I called with A3s. Flop came AKx. He bet, I re-rasied all in. He called with K4. He had 5 outs on the turn and river, and a 4 came on the next card. That crippled me, and I went home a few hands after that.

Then this morning I won another $6 SNG. I was really happy with my play here. I didn't suck out on anyone, and nobody sucked out on me. Just good solid poker.

Also played really well in the ring games. Took about a $40 profit from the .10/.25 NL tables. At absolute, You can buy in for $50, instead of the usual $25 other sites have. Its amazing to me to see people buy in for the minimum ($10). Hardly anyone buys in for the max like me.

The most fun hand was when I was in the BB with 99. UTG limped, Button Raised and we both called. Flop came 249 rainbow giving me the nuts. I bet 3/4 pot, UTG Re-rasied All-in and the other guy called so quick it was funny. UTG turned over AKs, and Button turned over KK. The last king didn't fall on the turn or river, and I took both of their stacks. Too bad neither of them bought in for a full stack.

An addition to those poker winnings, I cleared another $30 or so in bonus, so the last two days have profited me a cool $100. Ya gotta like those days!


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