Thursday, October 27, 2005

Home game recap

The Home Game last night was fun. I didn't win, but I learned a lot. I stayed right around the starting chip stack most of the night. The only time I went to showdown was when I busted out. In the beginning, no body was calling my PF raises. I don't know, maybe they were scared of the new "Internet Playing" Guy.

I won a pot the first orbit where I got the nut flush on the turn, but no one called my turn bet. Another hand, I got pocket 8's, hit trips on the flop. I checked, intending to slowplay. But other player checked also. A third heart came on the turn, and I made a full pot bet. Other dude folded. The only time I bluffed was really a semi-bluff. I had TJ of hearts. 4 limpers/callers. Flop came KJx with two hearts. I made a big bet, but no one called.

The hand I went out on, I got screwed over.

I'm in the BB with [Ac] [Qs]. UTG limps, Button limps, SB calls. I grabbed my chips intending to raise, thinking I could get all the limpers to fold. As I was playing with my chips, the dealer didn't notice that I was going to raise, and flipped over two cards, which one of them was a Q. I said that I hadn't acted yet, so the dealer re-shuffled the deck. I should have said "raise" right away, but the dealers still should have been paying attention. So I raised 4X the BB. UTG goess all-in, and he has me covered. This guy is one of the more experienced players, so I thought he was trying to put a move on the new guy. I highly doubted that he had a high pocket pair. I figured I was up against two broadway cards. The other two players folded, and I decided to call.

He flipped over [6h] [6s]. The flop contained another 6, and I was drawing dead. He limped, went all-in with 6's!?!?!?!! I probably should have just checked PF, but if the dealer wouldn't have screwed up, I probably would have won.

Oh well, 'twas fun.

On the internet side, I have only have $10 more to clear at absolute. I'll probably get that done this afternoon. I'm not sure what site I'll go to next. Maybe over to bet365 real quick and clear their easy $50 bonus.

Oh, and had my KK beat with AA AGAIN playing 1/2 limit at absolute this morning. Holy crap, this has happened to me so many times at that site, it’s not even funny.


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