Wednesday, October 26, 2005

First Home Game Tongiht

I'm going to my first real home game tonight. The only other time I've ever played live was at my house a few months back when I was just starting out playing poker. It might have even been before I started playing online, I don't remember. A couple other friends who have never played poker came over, and we played nickel dime stuff. I don't think any of us knew what we were doing.

So tonight should be fun. They do what is basically a $10 SNG. They all have played before, so I may be at a disadvantage. I hope I don't have too many tells

I played in a $6 Turbo and a $10 SNG this morning. I got 2nd place in the Turbo $6. The guy who won was a push monkey heads up, so I finally made a stand when he had twice as many chips as me. I hit a pair, but he hit a higher pair on the flop. Oh well.

I went out in 6th on the $10. My god, this game was so passive. I help the chip lead for a little while, but no one was playing. I only saw 10% of the flops when I was the chipleader!! no one was calling any of my raises. I then lost half of my chips when I flopped top pair and a Gutshot. Villain slowplayed trips perfectly, and took half my chips. Then I started losing my patience. Play was sooooooo slow. 55 minutes into the thing there were still 6 people left!! I went out when I hit top pair on a 3 flush board and psuhed hoping to make villain pay if he had one of the suit. he ended up having two of the suit, so I go home now.

Bankroll is above $800!!!!!


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