Monday, October 31, 2005

Bet365 Bonus

Nothing too much to report today. I've been playing over at bet365 the last couple days. I cleared 350 raked hands this weekend for Octobers Bonus bonanza. Lost about $20, but should get $70 or so in bonus. Then I'll continue and do the same bonus for November. 500 raked hands for $100 bucks.

Not too many SNGs lately. Two Turbo $6's. Took 3rd and 4th. The 4th place, I lost a coinflip with AK against 44. he just barely had me covered, and I raised into him! I can't believe people call all their chips away with low pocket pairs at the end of SNGs. Either you are way behind to a higher pair, or you got a coinflip. I can see raising with them in an attempt to steal the blinds, but uggg, I hate low pocket pairs at short tables.

And then I took 2nd in a $10 SNG. Villain and I had right around same chipstack, with him having just a little bit more. We get it all in with my AT against his KT. Can you say domination? Oops, guess what comes on the river?


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